Floor plans are the best way to gather information about a home's layout, how the rooms fit in relation to each other and show the flow of the property.
Even though photos are a must-have visual asset, a buyer can feel the lack of context. Floor plans reveal what photographs often do not: the proportions of rooms, the number of rooms and the flow between them. A buyer can instantly see, for instance, if the kitchen is conveniently situated near the dining room, whether bedrooms open directly onto the living room or whether a trip to the bathroom will involve a walk through a bedroom. Floor plans also indicate built-in features such as closets, kitchen cabinets and appliances, and bathroom fixtures.
And buyers like to see floor plans – in fact, 93% of buyers say they are more likely to view a property with a floor plan. According to Zillow, floor plans are the 2nd most important feature on a listing.
 My 2D Black & White Floor Plans have a professional and modern look, are easy to read, identify all rooms with dimensions and include indications of kitchen, bathroom and laundry fixtures.
Below is a sample floor plan of a typical 1,200 sq. ft. 3-bedroom, 2-bath ranch home with partially-finished basement.

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