I'm a Wisconsin native, married with two grown children, with a passion for photography. Having recently retired from a successful career in finance and accounting, I'm leaning into my creative side through my photography.
One of my children lives in the Milwaukee, WI area and the other in the Charlotte, NC area. My husband and I have a home in each place so that we can give equal time to spoiling our four awesome grandsons. Of course, that means living in North Carolina from November through April, with the added bonus of escaping the coldest Wisconsin months, and spending the nicest months of May through October in Wisconsin.
Why Real Estate Photography
I've been doing digital photography as a hobby since 2008, and also have a passion for all things home-related (think HGTV!). What better way to combine my two passions than by doing photography that presents homes and living spaces in the best possible light (no pun intended)!
How I Approach Real Estate Photography
Unlike many real estate photographers who use HDR (high dynamic range) blending techniques to overcome issues caused by the oftentimes large differences between light (windows) and dark (interior corners) areas of a room, I use a technique known as "flambient" that combines studio flash-lit images with images captured using the natural ambient light to produce a final image that is more natural looking with accurate, consistent colors throughout the scene while still showing the directionality of the light as your eye sees it. I'm also skilled at advanced post-processing techniques that give you "clear-view" scenes out the windows of interior rooms and "blue skies" on all exterior scenes even if shot on a dreary, cloudy day.
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